Third Property Acquisition, Kamogawa Hospitality Property

We would like to announce our third property acquisition, directly adjoining to our previous two acquired lots.

This third property's positioning, has now allowed us to create an entrance way for our planned accommodation development. Our property now gains a very important point of access by car and taxi from the street behind the river front. In addition, this gained street front means the accommodation property may increase in size, allowing us to evolve into a full service property, that further enhances the ambiance of the property we are envisioning.

The area located between the scenic Kamogawa River, and Takase canal, once called Gojo-Rakuen (Gojo-Paradise), this neighbourhood enjoyed a colourful past as Kyoto's pleasure quarters until the 1950s. In the 7th century, this area gained infamy when it was the residence of Nimamoto-no-Toru, the main character in the classic work of Japanese literature Tale of the Genji.

The purchased property is located on the immediate river bank, overlooking Kamogawa river, with the mountain range behind Higashiyama district clearly visible from the front of the property.

The riverbanks of Kamogawa are prime cherry blossom and autumn leaves viewing spots, and are popular walking and cycling routes for residents and tourists. In summer, restaurants open balconies looking out to Kamo River, as they have done for centuries since the time when Kyoto was the capital of Japan. There are pathways running alongside the river, stepping stones that cross the river, as well as bridges and thoroughfares that connect the historical Higashiyaama district with modern central Kyoto.


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