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Kamogawa Ryokan K.K. Incorporated


We at Old World K.K. would like to announce the incorporation of a new entity, Kamogawa Ryokan KK Incorporated, to coincide with our new property acquisition along the Kamogawa River, in Kyoto, Japan.

Kamogawa Ryokan KK is created for the purpose of developing a hospitality property on the banks of the Kamogawa River, that is aimed to present visitors with Japanese traditional ambiance with all the modern comforts one can expect from a modern luxury travel experience.

The property that is set to be the new accommodation is a river-facing double lot that allows the construction of a small hospitality property.
The area located between the scenic Kamogawa River, and Takase canal, once called Gojo-Rakuen (Gojo-Paradise), in the 7th century gained infamy when it was the residence of the main character in the classic work of Japanese literature Tale of the Genji.

Kamogawa Ryokan's incorporation on January 10, 2018 marks a significant step towards developing truly unique accommodation in a picturesque, yet quaint and uncrowded area of Kyoto.